Whirlpool Dryer Parts

Hello friend I see you must be looking for Whirlpool Dryer Parts. Well maybe this article you are now reading could help you? The first thing you must have to know is what exactly is the problem of your appliance machine. Is it not heating, tumbling or taking to long to dry. There is many different parts that could be bad or in need of repair.

Now before you is a list of different kind of dryer parts and the process of how they work or what problem they could cost your dryer from working in good condition.

Dryer Timer Parts: They have many different part numbers for specific dryer models. The dryer timer is exactly what the name says it calls for your electricity to run the rest of the dryer in heat or time measurements Dryer Repair Los Angeles.

Dryer Start Switch Parts: There is a few different kind but are mostly common on all dryer models. Start switch parts allow you to push the switch and open a bi-metal mechanism and free the electricity into the dryer parts to allow it to run. The switch sometimes gets stuck in the open position or gets stuck in the closed position.

Dryer belt Parts: There is only three different belts in this brand of dryers. The most common one to replace most is belt number 341241. The belt allows the drum to spin by getting the horse power from the motor and puts tension on the Idler Pulley. Usually is torn, ripped, busted or weathered.

Dryer Motor Parts: There is only two different kinds of motors one is a front mount which means the blower is facing the front, and the other motor is the rear mount which means the blower wheel is facing the back. These motors spins the drum, tumbling your clothes at a variable rate of speed. It is common for these motors to get hung up or go bad on the start/run winding.

Dryer Blower Wheel Parts: There is only two part numbers for these blower wheel parts to match the dryer motor. The blower wheel spins at the rate of the motor circulating the air to evenly dry your clothes. It is common for these to chip and break from debris in left in pockets of clothes, or get stripped on the motor shaft.

Dryer Idler Assembly Parts: Two types of idler pulleys but either or can be put on and still work. The idler puts tension on the belt allowing the belt to turn the drum. The idler is common to get burnt by the belt wear or hung up. Also the idler can be going bad and make a lot of chirping noise due to poor maintenance.

Dryer Roller Assembly Parts. Rollers come in two different types and must match up the part number. The rollers have a dimension difference and makes the drum sit differently. Dryer rollers make the drum move easier and provide support for easy tumbling. The rollers usually go bad by rounding out the bearing in the middle of the roller parts.

Dryer Thermostats, Safety switch Parts: There is many different temperatures and air flow ratios to match the thermostats and safety switches. The thermostats regulate the heat and cycle the heat temperatures. The safety’s monitor and control if the dryer is getting too hot or not enough air flow and will shut down the dryer down in till replaced. When they shut the dryer down there is another problem else where that have to be diagnosed and repaired or you will experience the problem again.

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